• 1200 treatments a year
  • Minimal risk of impotence and incontinence
  • Highly experienced medical team

    Prostate cancer



    Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men, and in the US alone an estimated 233.000 cases are diagnosed each year.

    There are several types of treatment for prostate cancer. Our urologists can give you the best advice.

    The da Vinci system is a relatively new and very successful operation technology, with the use of a highly developed robot.
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    Welcome to the official website of Prostate Center Europe ®

    The largest and most experienced daVinci prostate center of Europe in Gronau!
    When it comes to the treatment of cancer, only the best treatment is good enough. With 3 da Vinci surgical robots, 1200 operations a year and 6 years of experience Prostate Center Europe, led by Dr. J.H. Witt, is the largest and most experienced prostate clinic in Europe. We will be happy to assist you.
    Prostate Center Europe,PCE, is a collaboration between the Dutch coordination center Top Medical Care and the German PZNW ( Prostate Center North West - Germany) with the aim of providing the best prostate treatments and making these available to Dutch and German patients. 

    The da Vinci Expertise Center  

    PCE treats thousands of patients from all over Europe and is the largest and most experienced prostate center in Europe. Head physician Dr. J.H. Witt, who works from his home base Gronau, is now one of the most experienced robotic surgeons worldwide. In 2010 alone Dr. Witt and his highly experienced team performed 1200 routine operations, which amounts to approximately 5 operations per working day. Since the start of Prostatectomy by means of the da Vinci robot, the number of patients who choose for this kind of operation has doubled annually. And Dr. Witt achieved another success. Since the use of the da Vinci in the PZNW, the number of complications such as thrombosis, vascular damage or removal of intestinal tissue has been reduced to almost zero.

    In 2011, the Prostate Center Europe commissioned its third surgical robot. With this new da Vinci robot, Gronau has become the largest urological center in Europe and performs the largest number of da Vinci operations worldwide.


    I feel reborn since I had the operation. Everything is working at a 100%, and there is no incontinence problem. - Jack...
     Dr. J.H. Witt
    Prostate Center Europe is working with highly experienced specialists headed by Dr. J. H. Witt.

    (Most experienced daVinci specialist Europe!)

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    Why Prostate Center Europe?

      Dr. J.H. Witt, Europe's most 
          experienced daVinci-specialist

      Highly experienced medical team

      Minimal risk of impotence

      Minimal risk of incontinence

    ✓  1200 treatments a year

    ProstatecenterEurope - Europe's largest and most experienced da Vinci prostate clinic. -
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