What is an enlarged prostate?

A benign enlargement of the prostate is called a BPH: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Approximately one third of men older than 40 have an enlarged prostate due to changes in their hormones. For most men, the prostate gradually increases in size and is not a problem. However, problems can arise for 50 year old men and older.

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate

Symptoms that may indicate an enlarged prostate are:

  • Difficulty in urinating or not being able to stop
  • Lack of force in the urine stream 
  • Frequent, short urination and only a little each time
  • It takes a while to start urinating 
  • A burning sensation while urinating 
  • Cloudy urine or blood in the urine 
  • Leaking, after urination, possibly some drops on your trousers 
  • The feeling that the bladder is not completely empty 
  • Having to get out of bed frequently at night to urinate

Causes of urinary problems

Vergrote Prostaat

The bladder muscle has to ‘work harder’ to force all the urine out of the bladder. Due to the strong resistance of the prostate, this is not always possible and some urine remains in the bladder. This can cause an inflammation of the bladder and even result in kidney problems. More than 50% of 50 year old men experience urinary problems. This is a well-known symptom of an enlarged prostate and does not necessarily mean prostate cancer, as lots of men think.  

Urinary complaints are sometimes signified by a painful prostate or an inflammation of the prostate. Other reasons for urinary complaints are: narrowing of the urethra, bladder stones or impairment of the bladder muscle. Urinary complaints are mostly an indication of a benign enlargement of the prostate. If you have urination problems do not ignore them and have a check-up. A benign (non-cancerous) enlargement can be treated very effectively whilst still in the early stage. 

Treatment of an enlarged prostate

If a benign enlargement of the prostate is detected, the urologist usually gives advice for surgical treatment. This can be done by undergoing a Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate, also known as a TURP. 

Insight into your prostate problem

Would you like insight and clarity about your prostate problem and know if it is an enlarged prostate or perhaps some other condition? A urological check-up gives you this insight. You will be extensively examined by means of divers medical examinations techniques. 

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