About PCE

Prostate Centre Europe is a collaboration between the Dutch Coordination Centre of Top Medical Care and the German PZNW (Prostatazentrum Nordwest, Gronau - Germany). PCE’s mission is to offer the best prostate treatments to patients throughout Europe.

In 2011, the Prostate Centre Europe commissioned its third surgical robot. With this new Da Vinci robot, Gronau has become the largest urological centre in Europe and performs the most Da Vinci operations worldwide.

The clinic

The examination takes place in the clinic of the prostate centre, Prostatazentrum Nord West PZNW in the Gronau Hospital close to Enschede. The prostate centre has all the possible means and methods at its disposal for the required treatment of prostate problems and all urological disorders can be treated here. 

The centre is particularly specialised in the treatment of prostate cancer. The latest treatments such as the Da Vinci technology have been used here for a considerable time. As the first hospital, just across the border in Germany (and one of the few hospitals in the whole country), Gronau Hospital together with the Prostatazentrum Nord West now offers the revolutionary Da Vinci technology. Patients from all over Germany and neighbouring European countries come to Gronau for this advanced surgery. 

The hospital Gronau and PZNW are certified, view the certificates:

Different specialities

Currently the PZNW performs operations on the following organs:

  • Prostate (Da Vinci prostatectomy)
  • Adrenal gland (adrenalectomy) 
  • Kidney (for example the removal of the kidney or a part thereof)
  • Renal pelvis/ureter (e.g. kidney pelvis-plasty)
  • Bladder (cystectomy, diverticulectomy)

For the English-speaking patients, the clinic has attendants in service who will assist you during your stay. After your surgery, you will stay in the hospital to recover. Below you will find a video of the hospital in Gronau:

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