The cost of treatment at the Prostate Centre Europe is almost always reimbursed by your health insurer.

Reimbursement of medical expenses abroad

The website of CVZ (College voor Zorgverzekeringen - Health Care Insurance Board) states that the coverage of the basic insurance is not limited to the Netherlands, but is also valid for non-emergency care abroad. However, the amount of the reimbursement is limited to the rates that are prevalent in the Netherlands. As a general rule, you are advised to request permission from your health insurer beforehand. The client receives a written statement of the costs in advance which can be submitted to the health insurer.

Fees for the DaVinci operation

As standard, the DaVinci operation includes overnight stays, an extensive physio-therapeutic program and Dutch-speaking guidance during both the pre-interview and your stay in the clinic.

Depending on the type of insurance and policy conditions, you may be eligible for additional services such as a guaranteed treatment by one of the chief physicians (performed 12.000 DaVinci operations together) or a single or double room. If your insurance does not cover these costs, you always have the option to add these extra services for a small additional fee. You may contact our nursing staff to find out more.

Important patient information about your reimbursement

If you would like to be properly insured for medical costs in the coming year, we advise you to contact your insurer and/or intermediary for accurate information. Most Dutch insurers work with two types of policies, namely the ‘naturapolis’ (contracted care policy) and ‘restitutepolis’ (non-contracted care policy).

With a contracted care policy, you may be severely limited in the choice of hospital and/or other healthcare providers. If you have a non-contracted care policy, you are able to choose a specific hospital and/or healthcare provider yourself. In most cases you will also be reimbursed for all costs. Ask our nursing staff for more information.

You can reach us on 074 - 255 9 267 or info@prostatecentereurope.com

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