• 1200 treatments a year
  • Minimal risk of impotence and incontinence
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    da Vinci treatment

    The treatment of prostate cancer with the assistance of the da Vinci robot is a new cutting edge technology in surgery using highly developed modern medical techniques. In a da Vinci prostatectomy the entire prostate is removed, and if necessary, the surrounding tissue as well. This treatment also reduces the risk of incontinence and impotency to a minimum.
    I feel reborn since I had the operation. Everything is working at a 100%, and there is no incontinence problem. - Jack Allen

    How works the da Vinci robot?

    Thanks to this ultra-modern technology the surgeon can perform extremely precise operations using four robotic arms. The technique consists of the surgeon’s console for the operating surgeon and a patient side cart set up next to the patient with the surgical instruments and optics. The doctor performs the surgery using the control panel, which also houses an optical system. In contrast to the conventional minimally invasive methods, the optical system provides a 3D high-definition view. The instruments are controlled by means of two handles looking like joysticks. The special instruments with which the operation is performed are put ready on the patient’s side-cart. For the doctor who uses the da Vinci system it is possible to control the camera as well as the three robotic instrument arms. Next to the operating surgeon, the team consists of an assistant, an instrument setter and an anaesthetist.

    Thanks to this ultra-modern technology the surgeon can perform extremely precise operations using four robotic arms. The robotic arms with attached instruments that enter the body through four small incisions are controlled from the surgeon’s console. The wrist movements of the instruments allow greater freedom of movement than the human hand. Hand tremor is filtered out allowing the surgeon to perform extremely precise operations. The da Vinci robot provides a three-dimensional view and optimal control. 

    Key benefits:

    • 3-dimensional view with enhanced optics;
    • 3-dimensional view with enhanced optics;
    • Magnification of 10 to 20 times for more precise identification of structures and tissue    layers;
    • Instruments capable of wrist-like movements;
    • Smaller and more refined "hand" movements;
    • Elimination of natural tremor (trembling of the human hand).


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    Regained my mobility almost immediately after my operation. With no incontinence problem and being back to my old self. - William Hill
    Delighted with our choice of hospital, with first class doctors and guidance - John Davis

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    ✓  1200 treatments a year

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