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    da Vinci treatment

    The treatment of prostate cancer with the assistance of the da Vinci robot is a new cutting edge technology in surgery using highly developed modern medical techniques. In a da Vinci prostatectomy the entire prostate is removed, and if necessary, the surrounding tissue as well. This treatment also reduces the risk of incontinence and impotency to a minimum.
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    The robot-assisted surgical technique usually leaves only very small scars. As a rule the seam is stitched intradermally at the same level as the skin and protected with a "tissue regenerating plaster". In order to allow the wound to heal more efficiently and to stimulate the general healing process we advise that physical exertion should be increased at a slow pace. In the first 2-3 weeks after surgery, you should avoid lifting heavy objects that, for example, weigh more than10 kg. In other words, no more than the weight of a bucket of water. One day after the operation, taking a shower does not present a problem, on the contrary it is even recommended. The use of so-called healing salves is not recommended, though, from the medical point of view.
    Experience of the urologist is important
    In a da Vinci prostatectomy (prostate cancer treatment with da Vinci) the experience of the urologist is crucial. The ability of controlling the da Vinci robot is not enough, because it is the number of treatments per year (learning curve) that determines the experience. Intuitive Surgical, the developer of the da Vinci robot, follows the directive that a urologist must perform 250 da Vinci operations a year to be able to operate independently. A urologist is only considered to be experienced after having performed 500 operations. If a urologist has performed a large amount of laparoscopic operations, he will acquire the required experience sooner.

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    Regained my mobility almost immediately after my operation. With no incontinence problem and being back to my old self. - William Hill
    Delighted with our choice of hospital, with first class doctors and guidance - John Davis

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