• 1200 treatments a year
  • Minimal risk of impotence and incontinence
  • Highly experienced medical team

    Prostate Center Europe

    Prostate Center Europe is the result of a collaboration between the Dutch coordination center and the German PZNW (Prostate Center North West in Gronau, Germany, near Enschede). It's aim is to make the best prostate treatments accessible to Dutch and German patients. 

    In 2011, the Prostate Center Europe commissioned its third surgical robot. With this new da Vinci robot, Gronau has become the largest urological center in Europe and performs most most of the da Vinci operations worldwide.

    Delighted with our choice of hospital, with first class doctors and guidance - John Davis

    The specialists

    The PZNW is connected to Gronau Hospital. The PZNW is led by the highly renowned urologist Dr. J.H. Witt. Top Medical Care, the Dutch coordination center, is responsible for scheduling appointments and taking care the administration for the patients. Together they form the Prostate Center Europe. We are happy to advise you about treatments, appointments and finalising matters concerning your health insurance. For more information, please contact us at the toll free number +3174-2559267.

    Our team of specialists consists of the following urologists: 

    Dr. med. Jörn H. Witt
    specialized da Vinci expert
      Dr. med. Andreas Schütte,
    specialized da Vinci expert
      Christian Wagner
    specialized da Vinci expert
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    Dr. med. Jörg Zinke


    Advice on possible treatments? Please call us: +3174-2559267 or Make an appointment Call me back


    Regained my mobility almost immediately after my operation. With no incontinence problem and being back to my old self. - William Hill
    Delighted with our choice of hospital, with first class doctors and guidance - John Davis

    Why Prostate Center Europe?

      Dr. J.H. Witt, Europe's most 
          experienced daVinci-specialist

      Highly experienced medical team

      Minimal risk of impotence

      Minimal risk of incontinence

    ✓  1200 treatments a year

    ProstatecenterEurope - Europe's largest and most experienced da Vinci prostate clinic. - www.prostatecentereurope.nl
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